About Jacaranda

Jacaranda's creators, Patrick Scott and Mark Alan Hilt, have an insightful way of programming music that lifts the concert experience to an exciting level. Jacaranda presents music mostly missing from the cultural life of Los Angeles in compelling performances that make you wonder why. This team brings to Jacaranda a broad and unexpected background. Their critically acclaimed approach has proven fresh and effective in re-imagining the concert-going experience with unusually informative program notes.

P. Scott, Artistic & Executive Director

M. Hilt, Music Director

Over its thirteen seasons, Jacaranda has consistently presented exciting music that spans many eras selected for strong potential to enter the standard repertoire of the 21st century. With an emphasis on living composers, these critically acclaimed concerts are organized as journeys, or stories, that engage young concertgoers, and satisfy the curiosity and standards of experienced listeners. Performed by highly accomplished musicians, each concert has a point of view, and each season, as a whole, is crisscrossed with musical and historical relationships that gratify on many levels.