Jacaranda is a contemporary classical music series designed for newcomers, recording collectors, and edge-loving connoisseurs – listening with a sense of discovery and all the social benefits that only live concerts can provide. Jacaranda is a series of adventures – music from centuries past next to unforgettable new and modern music played by brilliant musicians.

Jacaranda’s creators, Patrick Scott and Mark Alan Hilt, have an insightful way of programming music that lifts the concert experience to an exciting level. Jacaranda presents music mostly missing from the cultural life of Los Angeles in compelling performances that make you wonder why. This team brings to Jacaranda a broad and unexpected background. Their critically acclaimed approach has proven fresh and effective in re-imagining the concert-going experience with unusually informative program notes.

Board of Directors

Thomas Aujero Small, Chair

Susan Bienkowski, Treasurer and Secretary

Thomas Brod, MD

Mark Alan Hilt

Frank Gruber

Donna Morton

Jess Morton

Patrick Scott

Advisory Council

Sasha Anawalt

Steven D. Lavine

Deborah Borda

Daniel Meyerowitz

Gloria Cheng

Movses Pogossian

Gail Eichenthal

Arthur Rieman

Grant Gershon

Peter Sellars

Joseph Horowitz

Chad Smith

William Kraft

Sheila Tepper

Veronika Krausas

Catherine Uniack

David Lang

Bill Viola & Kira Perov

Morten Lauridsen

Michael Webb